Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Big Four have control over 864 theatres

In yet another revelation, an “insider” in the Telugu film industry has said the syndicate of Big Four of the industry are controlling 864 out of 1,750 theatres in the state, dictating the success and failure of the Telugu films.
According to a mail from this insider under circulation, here are the details of who is holding how many theatres:

GROUP 1:1. Suresh Babu: 366 theatres.
1a. Vijayendra Reddy (President, Hyderabad Film Chamber of  commerce) – 40 theatres  in Nizam area.
1b. Rajendra – 30 theatres in Mahboobnagar dist
1C. Alankar Prasad, Vijayawada: 40 theatres in Krishna dist
1d. Balakrishna of Usha Pictures, Eluru and President A.P.Film Chamber of commerce: 40 theatres in WG dist.
Total  =  366+40+30+40+40 = 516 Theatres.

GROUP 2:Sunil Narang of Asian film Distributors, Hyderabad and Ram Mohanrao & Vasu - Asian Multi Dimension: 120 Theatres in Nizam.

Allu Aravind –   Geetha film distributors: 100 Theatres
3a. N V Prasad, Tirupati: 30Theatres in Ceded area.
Total = 100 + 30 =130 Theatres.

Dil Raju of  Sri Venkateswara Film distributors: 18 Theatres in Nizam.
4a.Vijaykumar & Chari Bros, Sairam Films: 80 Theatres in Nizam.
Total = 18 + 80 = 98 Theatres.
And there are some small players like Manoj Reddy having 20 theatres in Nellore Dist.
These are charging 100 per cent profits on the lease amount and charging abnormal high rentals every week from the producers and buyers.