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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pokiri's All India Records

We come to the end of another year, but this year is not the same as any other before it. For observant Cinegoers will definitely spot the big deal in Tollywood this year-Pokiri. Wherever one's loyalties lie, no one can deny the massive success of Pokiri both in India and overseas. Pre-Pokiri, the title read 'Prince Mahesh Babu'. Post-Pokiri, however, he has a new title to don in the credits (Sainikudu being the example)-'Superstar Mahesh Babu'. How one hit or miss takes an actor the heights or down to depths is demonstrated by this. But Pokiri was no ordinary hit, and supporters and well-wishers of this actor have other titles to call and adore him with, 'Nizam Ka Nawab' and 'Bezawada Bebbuli' being two of the most popular ones. No ordinary hit can be said many times over, and the statistics will prove the point. It grossed a total of 66.5 crores and a share of 48.28 crores according to the grapevine. Incidentally, director Puri Jagannath gave successful movies before this namely Idiot, Badri, Sivamani. And Mahesh won the Nandi award many times over (Special jury award for the best debut actor-Rajakumarudu(1999), special jury award for best actor-Murari(2001), special jury award for best actor-Takkari Donga(2002), best actor award-Nijam(2003), special jury award for best actor-Arjun(2004) and best actor award-Athadu(2005)), but nothing sky-rocketed their careers like this flick did. It's not only AP where Pokiri created the 'records' that is getting Tollywood hyper. The nation-wide records are creating a furor in the Indian film industry. It has been labeled the Top 2 grosser in India, coming right after Gadar (starring Punjab da Puttar Sunny Deol). It is the first South movie to enter the awe-inspiring Top 5. In simpler words, these movies have created enough profits to feed the entire nation. Another South movie, Rajnikanth's Chandramukhi entered this coveted list last year, but in a humble Number 10 spot, as opposed to the direct hit at Number 2 by our very own Telugu movie. Nowadays movies are earning more overseas, especially those with huge star-casts, and Pokiri makers can take a bow-it is the Top 20th grosser in this area. The producers, needless to say, have been laughing all the way to the banks.
Top Ten Box-office Grossers In India (Domestic only, overseas not included)
S. No.Film NameYearNet Gross In CroresNet Share In CroresVerdict
1Gadar - Ek Prem Katha20017045.1All Time Blockbuster
2Pokiri (Telugu)200666.548.285All Time Blockbuster
3HAHK19946540.65All Time Blockbuster
5DDLJ19955836.25All Time Blockbuster
6Fanaa200653.1329.5Super Hit
7Rang De Basanti200651.0726.25Super Hit
8Raja Hindustani19965032.25All Time Blockbuster
9KKHH19985031All Time Blockbuster
10Chandramukhi (Tamil/Telugu)20055033.25Blockbuster
There are some more interesting facts and records courtesy Pokiri. It is South India's highest grosser ever. It is the first movie to run 50 days in 19 theatres in Hyderabad, and 100 days at 17 theatres. Pokiri hit a remarkable century at 200 centers and 175 days at 63 centers, which is a national record. Due to the undying public demand and repeat audience that the movie commanded, it is the only movie to be screened for 202 days with 5 shows in a day at Jayasham theatre in Tirupathi. Money-wise, everyone was left happy, including the theatre owners. They had little to complain as it is the first movie to gross 1 crore plus in 3 different theatres in Hyderabad (Sudhershan 35mm-1 crore 61 lakhs, Mega 70mm-1 crore 14 lakhs, Vishwanath 70mm) and Prasad's multiplex finished at 98 lakhs. The film collected a gross of Rs. 1,13,98,437, Rs. 96,85,440 and Rs. 40,45,765 at Sharath (Vizag), Alankar (Vijayawada) and Sapthagiri (Vizianagaram) theaters respectively. It also collected a share of Rs. 60 lakhs and Rs. 42,55,701 at Srirama 70mm (Kurnool) and Bhaskar Deluxe (Guntur) theaters respectively. Interestingly, four movies of Mahesh finished 175 days at Sudershan 35mm theatre in Hyderabad-Murari-175, Okkadu-177, Athadu-177, Pokiri-189 and two of his films finished 175 days at Alankar theater in Vijayawada-Okkadu-175 and Pokiri-197. After 76 Cine-crazy years of Tollywood, Telugu audiences show that when they like a movie, they really, really like it. After all, 48.28 crores is not a small sum. Tamil and Hindi legends who've given many super successes in their lifetime like Rajnikanth and Amitabh Bachchan acknowledged the successful run that Pokiri had at the BO. In fact, 'Superhit Magazine' even quoted Shah Rukh a.k.a. 'King' Khan, saying "Shahrukh Khan was amazed at Mahesh's box-office stamina in South India and Overseas." Didn't really expect southie-based competition, did you, SRK? Well, at best Pokiri made the who's who of Indian film land wake up to Telugu cinema. There might have been good movies, but none that made so much moolah. Money talks, and everyone is all ears. Presently, Pokiri is running towards 365 days in Bhageeratha dts theatre in Kurnool, and after the movie 'Premabhishekam', this is the only one with such a record. Keep going, Tollywood. With the insatiable appetite that Telugu folks have for good and entertaining cinema, this can only be the beginning.